Keystone Resort in Colorado 

The view from my room.

We are at Keystone Resort for the InnEdCo conference. So far I have attended a lot of super informative sessions with some really great people. If you are interested in a breakdown of the sessions and my notes, you can find them on my education blog, Second(ary) To None.

As a conference resort, Keystone has it down. They offer shuttles and a large, easy to navigate Conference Center with maps and excellent amenities. There are a variety of different rooms available across the resort, including rooms with a fully stocked kitchen. We are at Mountain House, in Slopeside Building A. The room is a gorgeous, large studio, with a full kitchen. While the fridge isn’t “full-sized”, it’s certainly large enough to fully stock for 4 days during the convention. We also have a glass top stove, a microwave that functions as an oven and a convection oven, and a small concrete patio with a bench. Each room has its own individual wifi, and the convention wifi is staying strong despite the number of people constantly using it. Be careful which buildings you book, however- My friend is in building B of Slopeside, and her room is considerably smaller with older appliances. They have 24 hour guest services available, and are responsive to requests. Shops in the nearby town of Dillon seem to be very hit or miss- some of them are VERY expensive, while others are normally priced for Colorado. The water tastes chlorinated- I would recommend bringing bottled water from home. 

Today we explored the resort a bit, looking for a tunnel that goes under US 6 to the Convention Center. We did not find it, although the other areas of the resort seem to have one. Next time maybe? The river, which is flush with melted snow right now, and the aspens made up for it. 



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