Packing problems 

Already sacrificing beauty for practicality…

So the bag pictured in the bottom frame is my favorite traveling bag. It’s a souvenir from New York and it’s just so cute (I know, I know- I’m such a girl). It’s vinyl, has a couple of zipper pockets, and it’s printed with a map of the New York subway. Most importantly, it’s the perfect size for the 3 different airlines we will be on as we travel Europe this summer. So far I have only had an opportunity to use it twice- once when we went to KC to visit family, and most recently on a trip to Keystone.

The Keystone trip taught me one important thing; messenger bags are not comfortable when you walk them over long distances. I didn’t even chuck this thing very far- just from the parking garage to my room. But I was hurting.

I needed something practical. My friend, Daena, lent the bag in the top photo to me, after my struggle with my New York bag. It’s not pretty, but it has some all important features-

1. It’s a backpack (important when you’re going to be hiking Mt Vesuvius with all your belongings. No, I did not think that through)

2. It’s expandable (yay French souvenirs!)

3. It has many organization pockets (not that I’ll be able to find anything anyway)

Keystone was a great “trial” trip for packing. I didn’t wear the majority of outfits that I brought (I try to convince myself that I dress up more than I really do), and the things that I used most were my electronics. The biggest question is….. should I bring my DSLR and my laptop, or should I make due with my phone? And what would I have to sacrifice to bring those things….?



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  1. It’s a hard decision, because it’s always nice to look cute and stylish… but hours later you always seem to regret the decision (especially when traveling) comfort always wins!

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    1. sunravelme says:

      Thank you! I agree- travel has so many frustrations without adding your wardrobe to it!

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  2. Ashley says:

    So I’m curious….did everything you take fit in that bag? If so I’m really impressed.


    1. sunravelme says:

      That’s actually going to be another post! I didn’t end up bringing my computer or my dslr- I was concerned about theft, and lugging them around. The computer wasn’t really a loss, as the wifi was iffy everywhere we went anyway. I regretted leaving behind my DSLR though. Everything else fit great. Surprisingly, not a single airline measured or weighed my bag, so I could have brought more but didn’t really need to. I did a lot of laundry in sinks.


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